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Please be sure to review our conditions prior to placing an order or paying an invoice. The following Terms of Service govern your access and use of the Le'Bloom Media website, including any content, functionality, and services offered on or through the site.

You are agreeing to these "Terms & Conditions" made by & between the client and Le'Bloom Media upon purchasing any product or service and filling out the needed design forms. These Terms of Use ("Agreement") sets legally binding terms for your use of this site and services whether you are a customer or designer. 

Business Hours are as follows,

​Monday - Friday

10 A.M - 5:30 P.M (EST)

Le'Bloom Media does not operate on weekends or major holidays. Days of operation are business days only. 

If you're trying to contact us via email or any social media platform, please allow up to 24-48 hours for a response.


Le'Bloom Media agrees to produce project designs at the request of the client for compensation agreed upon in advanced or on the website & completion of the work on a agreed upon deadline. As client provides the designer with all photos, videos, information, or materials needed to do so within the needed time frame.


Le'Bloom Media agrees that they will be the sole creator of the work. We do not copy or replicate any designs for any reason. 


Payments are made via PayPal with your debit/credit card through, unless an invoice has been sent personally for payments! Projects will not be started until 100% of your project cost is paid in full, no exceptions.

Please keep in mind that all prices listed on our website are subject to change at any given time. Prices may differ as well if the client asks for a special request via email, that is when a personal invoice will be sent for payment.

We currently DO NOT accept deposits for ANY projects at this time. 


We typically reach out to clients through email after they've placed an order. This

may take a few hours or minutes depending on the day of the week. Clients are

able to communicate with us by setting up a same day call in their client portal or on the website, sending us a direct chat message using the chat icon on our website in their client portal as well or via Instagram/Facebook. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply to your inquiry!


Any same day calls that we make, please do not exceed 30 minutes of time if you are not already a client. Clients get up to an hour for same day calls. 


After FULL payment, the client will receive an access email. In this email, it will contain an access password to the client portal. The client will be able to fill out their project design form and attach any photos, videos, or files, pertaining to their specific project. Step by step instructions will be included in the email to avoid any confusion. 

Graphic Designs: (Logos, Flyers, business cards, etc)

Costs come with 1 FREE revisions. If 1 revisions are exceeded, a $20 revision fee will be charged PER revision. This revision fee must be paid before any revisions are made.

Video Edits: (Intros, Outros, video editing, ads, etc)

Costs come with 2 FREE revisions (only complete sets receive free 2 revisions, single projects just get 1). If the 1 revision is exceeded, a $20 revision fee will be charged PER revision. This revision fee must be paid before any revisions are made or invoice has to be paid soon after.


Revisions may take up to 1-3 business days! This goes for normal + rush orders. Please be advised.

Client is responsible for providing any content as far as photos, videos, wording, correct spelling, and ideas needed for project creation unless stated otherwise and agreed upon between the Client and Le'Bloom Media.

All completed projects are attached to the client's creative board in the "download" card for review. Video edits are sent in .MP4 or .MOV. Graphic designs are sent in .PNG format. Once a project has been finalized, all rights will go to the client.


Client Is responsible for filling out the project design form and attaching any necessary files for project completion upon purchasing.


A project due date is set after client completes the tasks needed to get started. A project due date will be set in the client's portal after client has completed the tasks needed to start the project. Project start date solely depends on the client and when we receive the information needed.


Project start date will start the following day we receive ALL the client's information.

Le'Bloom Media hereby agrees to create the requested project design for fees agreed upon. Le'Bloom Media agrees to producing said project by the deadline/turnaround time given as long as the client completes the tasks needed to start as for as info, images, footage/videos, and any material needed. 

Graphic Designs: 3-5 business days

Video Edits: 5-10 business days

Website Design: 10-14 business days

Le'Bloom Media may complete projects prior to the said due date but is not required to so. Injury, Illness, or event beyond Le'Bloom Media's control such as theft, computer failure or technical issues or any other difficulties out of our control may result in a delay. We will be sure to keep you updated during the entire process!


The client must provide all the information requested or needed for the project in a timely manner to ensure turnaround times. If there is a delay on the client's behalf, the completion date of your project then changes. All project forms/materials should be completed within 5 business days of you placing an order..

If the Client fails to respond or does not follow through with the tasks needed to start with the 5 business day time frame, we will mark the project complete.

After 14 days of no communication from the client, there will be a $50 restart fee.

After 30 days of no communication from the client, there will be a $100 restart fee.

After 60 days, your project (sales, credits, and or free offers) if forfeited and no refund shall be issued. Your project will be cancelled and will be removed from the client portal. 

If your project comes to this decision, our company may or may not do business with your brand. We understand that specific information takes time to acquire and we understand that life happens, which we respect 100%. We will place your project to start later than scheduled if it is communicated. All we ask is that you communicate and keep in contact to let us know you'd need more time to gather the requested information needed for your project.


Le'Bloom Media will only provide a refund within 24 hours of purchasing. After this 24 hour period, a refund will not be given, no exceptions. If any type of dispute is made during the project process, the order will be cancelled, client will not receive said projects. After project completion. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Once a payment has been made to Le'Bloom Media, the project will begin within the timeframe given to the client after we receive the information needed. Please give your project a realistic amount of time for the following reasons: revisions may be needed. We provide a suitable time-frame, but please be advised that there may be an additional business day or 2 depending on the peak in orders! Please give us a 1-2 business day grace period


A client is not able to request the same exact project as another client. Any projects the client may like or be interested in may be used as a reference. Le'Bloom Media creates each and every project

individually with it's own uniqueness. 


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