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Please Read, if you decide not to and overlook before booking, that's on you: Browse Conjure Spells below. Please read the description if you plan to purchase. Your Conjure Spell work will be delayed if you skip the form process! When booking, you will need to set your spell date, this is NOT a personal live session, the date you are choosing will be the day I complete your spell work and you will receive a confirmation email within the next 1-3 business days following after your completion date of your spell details. If I decide to reschedule your spell, you will receive confirmation of that. Please read the description of your spell carefully, I do not respond to questions that I have already mentioned on this site. Please only fill out the form if YOU PLAN TO BOOK, you will be redirected here when you complete the form. When reviewing, if I do not see a payment for you, I will disregard and delete your form + cancel your scheduled spell.


Please also refrain from sending emails requesting updates! I WILL SEND YOUR COMPLETION EMAIL CONFIRMING THAT I PERFORMED YOUR SPELL ONCE IT IS READY TO SEND BASED ON THE 1-2 business day turnaround listed above (it is sent 1-3 business days after your spell date). Please avoid spamming my emails with messages asking for any type of update, if there is a short delay it is most likely because of volume (amount of spells booked) or my energy, please be patient. If I receive this type of email, I will just disregard it and ignore.

Disclaimer: My conjure work does not cause any form of harm or negative energy onto your life, they are meant to enhance your life and make things easier + much more free flowing.

Check out previous Group Spell work done previously in the photos below to get an idea of the type of root work I do!