PLEASE READ, IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO AND OVERLOOK THIS BEFORE BOOKING, THAT'S ON YOU. Please read the description if you plan to book a conjure. Your conjure spell work will be delayed if you skip the form process! Just know, this will NOT be a personal live session. I will email you your spell date. Depending on the type of spell, determines the day it is completed. For example, Money Conjures are usually done on Jupiter Day (Thursday), if booked, I will book you for the upcoming Thursday, the corresponding days for each spell will be in the description!


Please only fill out the form if you plan on booking and submitting your payment. If there’s no payment to match your form, I will disregard it, delete, and move on.

Please read the description of each spell carefully, I do not answer questions I already have answered on the site.

PS. Please refrain from sending emails or messages requesting updates. I will send your confirmation email 1-2 business days after your conjure.