This is a conjure love attraction spell jar for consistent support, attention from potential suitors, can aid in new friendships, gifts, freely receiving unexpected money/tips/random cash, sugar daddy/mommy energy, fancy and glamorous magnetic energy, and viral/famous positive loving energy from everyone platonic or romantic. This will keep genuine real unconditional love and support flowing to you naturally, safely, and efficiently with no harm to you or anyone. All blockages in love will be removed and this makes you a magnet for support from any and literally everyone. This conjure spell jar will be worked (every week I will light a candle on top of your jar to enhance the energy, I will shake up your jar as well to keep the energy entact and flowing easily) for a full 30 days.


Your spell jar will then be buried back into the earth to complete your spell and to keep the energy stable. You can also request for me to ship your jar to you so you can shake it up every day or other day as much as you please to keep, this may require a $15 fee for shipping. 


A confirmation email with a pdf and your jar details will be sent 48 business hours after your jar has been created for you.


Please be sure to fill out the conjure spell form on the previous page before or AFTER your purchase.

Sweet STAR ⭐️ Love Attraction Conjure Jar