This Money Conjure Oil is meant to bring in abundance and prosperity surrounding your finances. The benefits of this is wide range and it can bring in BIG money energy from each and every area of life, it can come in as unexpected gift + support, promotions/raises, more clients in your business if you own one, stability surrounding your bills and money in general, removes money blockages, makes you a HUGE money magnet, the list goes on and on!


If you plan on purchasing this product, just know, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. This is strong so you do not need much, you need just enough :)


What's in it? 

-Apricot Oil (fruition)

-Hoodoo Money Draw oil (money magnet)

-Good Luck Oil (blessings + lottery wins)

-Attraction Oil (attracts financial support)

-Dragon's Blood Oil (increases magical energy based on it's properties)

-Pepperment Oil (efficiently, fast, instant energy, speedy)

-Skin safe Glitter (luxury, gifts, attract support)

-Gold Mica Power (gold for wealth)

-Candula Flowers (healing financial issues)

-Jasmine Flowers (for money attraction)

-Offering Bills (for money attraction)


This money conjure oil paired with my MONEY MANTRA E-BOOK would change your life!





Money Alchemy Conjure Oil

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