IF YOU PLAN ON 100% BOOKING, PLEASE FILL THE FORM OUT BEFORE PURCHASING! >>> Click here > Conjure Spell Form Brief Info about my Alchemy (magic): My Alchemy is of love and light! None of my spells will affect your life negatively, it only enhance the area it is meant to for the best positive outcome for a better future and lifestyle. I ask my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Angels to help out when performing spells of any kind. My spells are purely meant to enhance, never to harm or backfire or any way, it also does not interfere with free will! Spell Photo/Video Content will be emailed via Google Drive following the spell's completion so please expect your spell confirmation email the following business day, no more than 2 days. If your spell was completed on a weekend, please wait for the email the NEXT BUSINESS DAY (following monday or tuesday)! NOTE: This spell is not as strong as the other but it will surely get the job done 100%. This spell is catered to individuals who just want light work with the same benefits. This option may not be as long as lasting! Spell Benefits / can potentially enhance a current love connection or conjures up your ideal love partner (more intimacy/sex, unconditional love, support, vulnerability, openness, communication, attraction, honesty). Removes negativity, road blocks, or people/obstacles from a connection or love life in general. Attracts genuine connections romantically and platonically depending on what you need (please include in form + also check out the note below!). Enhances or increases the love around you.


Note: This love spell is catered to the individual purchasing ONLY ! This is not a spell that includes another person UNLESS you both are in a committed romantic relationship and the other person has consented to this spell work. Please do not include another individual unless you are romantically TOGETHER (relations) or MARRIED, if you do include someone without the status of the connection I will ignore it and perform the spell for just you. I will not allow any spells to be done on people that do not consent. Purchase the spell if you'd like to increase the attraction and love/intimacy around you. 

Medium Love/Intimacy Conjure Spell

  • Spell dates are booked when filling out the Conjure Spell Form.