Next Spell Date: Friday, December 17, 2021 during Venus Hours! 10 slots available.


Spell Photo/Video Content will be emailed via Google Drive following the spell's completion so please expect your spell confirmation email the following business day. If your spell was completed on a weekend or Friday, please wait for the email the NEXT BUSINESS DAY (following monday)!


~ Spell Benefits: - Attracts unconditionally loving connections into your life. - Attracts attention and more intimacy - Can amplify your partner's romatic feelings towards you - Love from your past and future may be drawn to you - Others will notice you more - Attracts new love - Attracts honest loving communication - Attracts more affection from partner - Attracts loving and supportive connections, relationships, & friendships - Attract more loving support from other people or/and partner


If there is anywhere to "add notes" please add your FULL NAME and Date of Birth.

If you do not see this option when checking out and proceeding to the payment screen, you can also email your info to me at Please be sure to check your email after purchasing with Spell dates & info regarding your spell. I do not need the name of your partner so please do not add them or mention, intentions will already be set if you do or do not already have love in your life.

Group Love Attraction Spell

$22.22 Regular Price
$15.15Sale Price